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This is one of the scariest parts of starting college. So many of us are scared that we’ll get stuck with someone that we have nothing in common with, someone who we will have to live with for a year, and that seems like an unbearable concept. Luckily, second year we get to choose our roommates and if you get as lucky as I have, your best friend will become your roommate.

My roommate? Now thats an interesting topic…Marley and I were not quite the biggest fans of each other freshmen year. We met the summer before our freshmen year at dance auditions, when we both made our school’s dance team. Even with having a love of dance in common it wasn’t best friends at first sight. Marley had dyed her hair blue that summer, and me, being my slightly judgemental self told my mom that I was NOT going to be friends with someone who had blue hair, because it was doubtful we had anything in common. My mom, just like all mothers, told me not to judge a book by it’s cover and that I needed to give her a chance because we would be spending a lot of time together due to dance. Marley had similar ideas of me, as she was moving in and caught a conversation or two I had been having with my family. Needless to say, neither one of us ever expected to be friends with the other…not to mention become best friends.

I’m not even sure when it happened, somewhere between awkward meals together during preseason, and spending countless hours in the studio, Marley has become my best friend at school. It’s crazy, because it’s true what we thought, we don’t have all that much in common, I love country music and she’s into bands I’ve never even heard of… but we kind of just mesh.

Eventually, she has started to listen to country with me and I’m open to a lot more things because of her as well, but its crazy to think that a little over a year ago things weren’t this way. This year has been a little hectic, between work, boyfriends and endless amounts of schoolwork, but she is still my best friend. Its often that we find ourselves taking crazy adventures, making ridiculous snapchat stories of each other, or singing to High School Musical at 2 am. We’re two people who tell each other everything and theres nothing the other can hide. Sometimes its a real pain, and we drive each other insane but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So while the idea of a roommate can seem like the scariest part of college, it can also be the most rewarding one. With any luck you’ll meet someone who you never expected, and they will become your best friend. You’ll find your crazy other half, the one person that makes the craziness of life a little easier to swallow.

xoxo Kenna

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Weekend Highlights!!!

     Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend with their family and friends! Here’s a few highlights from mine! 🙂

Also, a happy sweet 16 to Jenna! Live it up darling, cause you’re only 16 once<3

Happy Easter Weekend!




Easter weekend is upon us people! Maybe you don’t get as excited as I do about Easter, but I absolutely love it…mostly because it means that spring is here! FINALLY!!! Maybe mother nature will get the hint and not hit us with anymore sporadic snowstorms.

Last weekend, when I was home I painted easter eggs with Katrina and when we were done she literally looked like the Incredible Hulk, which she thought was hilarious and proceeded to jump on my dad and shove her fingers in his face…he did not think it was as funny as she did lol. Dying eggs has allows been one of those things I try to do every year to keep the little kid inside of me at bay. It’s super simple and you don’t even need to buy one of the kits. Food coloring and vinegar will definitely suffice. My personal favorite is to use a white crayon on them before you color them so your writing POPS from the color….adding a little glitter never hurt anyone either 😉

Mom kinda killed my Easter spirit when she told me she wasn’t letting me do the egg hunt this year… :O Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my FAVORITE part of Easter and every year since I was 13 I have begged her to let me do it…Apparently once you turn 20 you’re out, at my house….If only my 17 year old brother shared my sadness and we could petition for it together…Why do we have to grow up again?

On the bright side, Holidays mean FOOD & who would ever turn down a chance to eat? Certainly not me! Chris is bringing our dog Klara up for the weekend so that will be fun, and my dad will be in HEAVEN…(go figure dad actually liking a dog…weird)

Anyways! Have an awesome Easter and don’t forget to enjoy the simple things, like being with family and friends 🙂

xoxo Kenna





       Welcome to my blog! This is my first blogging experience, so let’s vow to grow and learn together! To be honest, I’m not even sure what I’m going to blog about, but I just thought it would be fun to post about my life and experiences through the next two & a half years of college!! First things first; the simplified version of me…

  • I’m a college student, with a major in Criminal Justice & Forensics
  • I’m 20
  • I have a younger brother & sister
  • I work full time as a manager at Pier 1
  • I LOVE to workout and am currently completing my first round of BBG
  • Baking is fun
  • My dog’s the cutest…
  • My boyfriends okay too ;P

I may be forgetting somethings…I’ll figure it out eventually

~In the meantime, here are some pictures 🙂

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Photo Creds: Christopher ❤
Downtown Aruba; Spring Break 2016
Katrina (:


Chris & I in Aruba