Happy Easter Weekend!




Easter weekend is upon us people! Maybe you don’t get as excited as I do about Easter, but I absolutely love it…mostly because it means that spring is here! FINALLY!!! Maybe mother nature will get the hint and not hit us with anymore sporadic snowstorms.

Last weekend, when I was home I painted easter eggs with Katrina and when we were done she literally looked like the Incredible Hulk, which she thought was hilarious and proceeded to jump on my dad and shove her fingers in his face…he did not think it was as funny as she did lol. Dying eggs has allows been one of those things I try to do every year to keep the little kid inside of me at bay. It’s super simple and you don’t even need to buy one of the kits. Food coloring and vinegar will definitely suffice. My personal favorite is to use a white crayon on them before you color them so your writing POPS from the color….adding a little glitter never hurt anyone either 😉

Mom kinda killed my Easter spirit when she told me she wasn’t letting me do the egg hunt this year… :O Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my FAVORITE part of Easter and every year since I was 13 I have begged her to let me do it…Apparently once you turn 20 you’re out, at my house….If only my 17 year old brother shared my sadness and we could petition for it together…Why do we have to grow up again?

On the bright side, Holidays mean FOOD & who would ever turn down a chance to eat? Certainly not me! Chris is bringing our dog Klara up for the weekend so that will be fun, and my dad will be in HEAVEN…(go figure dad actually liking a dog…weird)

Anyways! Have an awesome Easter and don’t forget to enjoy the simple things, like being with family and friends 🙂

xoxo Kenna





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