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Summer Bucket List


Summeis just around the corner and if you’re anything like me this means you have lots of plans to make the most of the nice weather and all the free time. Here’s a list of fun things to do with your friends, your boyfriend, or whoever this summer 🙂

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Play messy twister
  3. Go on a road trip
  4. Spend the entire day reading outside
  5. Explore a new city
  6. Tye -dye
  7. Go camping
  8. Set dandelions on fire
  9. GET TAN
  10. Catch fireflies
  11. Watch fireworks
  12. Go swimming at night
  13. Go to the drive -in
  14. Go boating
  15. Go to the fair
  16. Go to the beach
  17. Have a photoshoot
  18. Tan Tattoos
  19. Go on a hike
  20. Go on a bike ride
  21. Have a Bonfire
  22. Go Kayaking
  23. Go to the flea market
  24. Go to Salem and visit the Harry Potter shops!
  25. Go to Carlos’ Bakery
  26. Go to an aquarium
  27. Go Zip -lining
  28. Have a baking date
  29. Do Henna
  30. Take a paint class
  31. Read at least 4 books
  32. Have a Harry Potter Marathon
  33. Take a picture a day
  34. Keep a scrapbook of this summer
  35. Go to a concert
  36. Go to an amusement park
  37. Go to a club
  38. Go to an outlet mall
  39. Cook an entirely new meal
  40. Make popsicles
  41. Build a sandcastle
  42. Have a backyard movie night
  43. Visit a waterfall
  44. Go to the Cape
  45. Go to the Quabbin
  46. Go to the Zoo
  47. Stargaze
  48. Watch a sunrise & sunset
  49. Play mini golf
  50. Take a nap outside
  51. Create DIY projects
  52. Spend a day with your siblings
  53. Spend an entire day at the pool
  54. Make the most of this summer<3

I’m really curious to see how many things I can cross off this summer! Let the fun begin

xox Kenna ❤

BBG Week 12; The final Stretch!

24e6ad0e3ec14e0a0d325bf0e63bce89I can’t believe that tomorrow I start the final week of my first round of the Bikini Body Guide! The amount of progress I have seen in my body over the last 3 months is incredible and I never thought that I would make it here. I want to thank Kayla Itsine for creating this amazing workout program, and my best friend Payton for introducing it to me. It has given me an easy way to structure my workouts and reach my goals.

I tried this program once before, and I won’t lie, it can be extremely difficult if you’re not committed. I gave up on my first round, so this time I was that much more determined to complete the 12 weeks.

I made it a goal, that I WOULD complete the entire program, that I would power through and build strength and muscle, while creating a healthier life for myself. I have been on this workout journey for a little over a year now and Kayla’s program is the only one that has given me this much confidence in my own body. With her program I have seen the results I’ve been looking for.

Because this was my first official round of BBG I decided I was going to start easy and complete only 2 of the 3 rounds per circuit, I also did not eat according to Kayla’s meal plan and instead ate healthy, but ate food that worked for me. I’ll be honest, not every day was easy…There were some weeks that I only stepped foot in the gym once or twice because of my crazy schedule, but I made it work. I vowed to myself that I would complete this program because I wanted to see the change in myself. I wanted to make the change.

As I finish this last week, and get ready for round 2 I reflect on all of the things I have learned throughout this journey:

  • Working out is my passion
  • My body is capable of doing some incredible things
  • I am strong, but there is room for improvements
  • I love my body
  • We are all different, but we are all beautiful
  • What you eat matters just as much as how often you workout!
  • The best time to workout for me is early mornings
  • To change your body you first need to change your life; working out is a lifestyle change
  • Why live in anything other than workout clothes?
  • Working out isn’t always easy, but its worth it
  • Protein bars are an addiction
  • You feel better when you workout; you also make better choices throughout the day

As I complete round 1 & begin round 2 I will be making some changes to my life, because change is good.

  1. I have started going to bed and waking up earlier; this allows for early morning workouts that ALWAYS get completed, more time to blog and reflect on life, & just a more relaxed and healthy schedule.
  2. I am going to stop eating after 7pm at night, eating late is not good for digestion.
  3. I have started drinking tea twice a day; once in the morning to wake me up and once before I go to bed to help me relax.
  4. I am going to be drinking more water.
  5. I’ve accepted that I may need coffee once a day on my longer days to get me through my mornings, and I’m okay with this.
  6. Less carbs; Summer is coming and that means the carbs start to disappear and lighter foods are around the corner. More fruits and veggies!
  7. Try new recipes! I will be out of school soon and this means more time for meal prep and trying new things!
  8. I will do what makes me happy 🙂
  9. I am also going to make sure that I document my journey over the next 12 weeks so everyone can see just how much this program can do!

Join me in my journey to complete the Bikini Body Guide; let’s get healthy and fit for summer! Bikini Body Guide

xox Kenna ❤

This is it

I’m on my way to work the other morning and a Michael Jackson song comes on. While usually this phenomenon wouldn’t strike me as anything but ordinary, lately I’m on my toes whenever I hear his music. I’ve been in the process of writing a research paper about his successes and effects on the pop world as we know it today so hearing him excites me.

Not only that, but between you and me, I believe he was an incredible human being. All allegations and selfharm aside he was one hell of an artist. & I’ll tell you a secret, Personally, I’m a little bit obsessed. Whenever I have a project that I can tweak in the slightest, he’s my topic. As a dancer, I’m just so fascinated by his work, I love studying him.

But anyways. I’m driving and MJ comes on, I quite literally jam out to his song and then on comes Usher…and it just makes me laugh. One of the articles I’d read recently discussed this very idea. The idea that artists like Usher, JT, and even Chris Brown have evolved and become what they are today by studying Jackson.

As I listen, I hear it, the high pitched shreeks, the sounds that remind me that of “shamone” (What does that mean anyways?) and I realize that he really was the king of pop. Just as Elvis was the king of rock and roll, and Tim McGraw is our country superstar, Jackson was the pop star. He was the birth of Pop as we know it today; we have him to thank.

So even though you may not be a huge fan, or even like him at all, I ask you to take a closer look. Do some research and find the reasons behind the things he did. What were the underlying causes? Who was Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson - File Photos By Kevin Mazur
VARIOUS, VARIOUS – JUNE 25: Michael Jackson performs in concert circa 1986. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

xox Kenna ❤