Life Gets Busy…


Wow! Just realized it’s been a few days since my last post…Life has been CRAZY to say the very least. Between studying for upcoming tests, writing papers, attending class, advisor meeting, picking next semester classes, working full time & of course going to the gym its been tough to even fit in time to sleep! But we’re back at it! I’ve got something coming, that I’ve been working on, and mulling over for a while… Some self thought as well as some potential advice for future endeavors in life…take it as you like. ANYWAY….Updates…

I’ve just recently subscribed to a monthly beauty bag called Ipsy 🙂 For $10/month they send you 5 beauty products in a cute little bag every month. I’ve heard of this site before, but was a little skeptical because how can you receive anything of value for ONLY $10/month? But mom subscribed and after taking a look at her first bag, I thought I’d give it a go and see what it was like. So I’m SUPER excited for that and am also patiently awaiting my monthly Julep box! (For anyone who doesn’t know about this site, it’s a monthly nail polish box of 3-5 items +possible add ons for $25/month). This box is a little more expensive but is TOTALLY worth the splurge every month. I have been subscribed as a maven for about a year and a half and in that time my nail polish collection has grown DRASTICALLY…It has been said that I have a bit of a nail polish addiction, and I won’t lie. It is 290750495409674% true, but this is only because of Julep. Before Julep, my nails were thin and brittle, they were short and never grew without breaking, and the worst part was that I could not find any brand of nail polish that would stay on my nails for more than 24 hours…and then Julep happened<3 It is incredible and well worth the investment. My nails are now gorgeous and I get compliments on them every time I go to the salon. If you have nails like I once did, I definitely suggest taking a look at their products! 🙂

Try them out!





Marley and I are officially registered for our classes for next semester! ….After 45 agonizing minutes of registration (…it usually takes about 2), and continual Error messages, and the possibility of us both crying, insite finally pulled through and we both go into our first choice classes. I’m super excited because I’ll finally be taking all forensic and cj classes and I can get on with my career! Junior year here we come!

Until next time,

xox Kenna ❤


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