With finals just around the corner and the thought of summer fun looming in the distance, college students everywhere are beginning to struggle to stay focused. Not only do we struggle to focus on the here and now, we’re stressed about EVERYTHING.

I feel like the last week has proved this more true than ever. It’s like professors have suddenly, all at the same time, realized we have a month left of classes and are trying to cram in all at the last minute material they can. This is great, I love learning new things…but my stress level is at an all time high.

In preparation for the possibility that life will get more stressful in the upcoming weeks I’ve compiled a list of ways for fellow students, busy moms, and everyone in between to destress and RELAX!

Everyone has stressors, so don’t feel like you’re alone & remember, these stressor are temporary. Everything in life is temporary, there will come a point where this situation will be the least of your issues and you’ll look back and laugh…hopefully :p Whether it’s school, work, family, bills, busy schedules, or planning for the future, I hope these can help you sleep a little easier at night (:


Ways to DeStReSs:

  1. Get a good workout under your belt!
    • Working out is one of my favorite ways to destress, and for an hour or so it allows you to focus on nothing but your body and how you’re bettering it. This may seem like a stressful concept in itself; disregarding something that you need to do? But trust me it works. After your workout you will feel good and will be able to attack your stressor with a level head! Plus, you’ll be working on that hot summer bod too 😉
  2. Do some yoga or meditation
    • I have heard that these are two of the best was to concentrate and refocus your energy. Personally, I find yoga to be a little to slow for my taste, but if nothing else you’ll get a good stretch in!
  3. Light a candle!100_3424
    • Candles are my go to for everythinggggggg! I love when the room I’m working in smells good, it provokes happy thoughts 😀 Why not try a stress relief scented candle!
  4. Read a book
    • Reading is one of my favorite down times, but unfortunately it is something I don’t get to do enough while I’m in school. When I’m stressed however its a nice escape, into an imaginary world where all your worries dwindle away.
  5. Listen to music
    • Whatever your style, Turn. It. Up!
  6. Take a walk!
    • Lately the weather hasn’t been too nice and its difficult to find the desire to go outside for any longer than we have to, but when its nice out walking is a good way to destress and clear your mind.
  7. Take a bath or shower
    • We do our best thinking in the shower, right? So throw in some bubble bath, or a bath bomb, turn up the music, light a candle, think about all the good things in life and relaxxxxxb4e3714f207486f3b14983f173c0fca4
  8. Go out with friends
    • Your friends are the ones who know you best, so get advice. Talk about what you’re stressed about and get their opinions…It may not be as big of a deal as you think.
  9. Study in groups
    • Brains work better in groups when they are being stimulated by one another
  10. Make some Tea!
    • I am a tea drinker, I drink tea all the time, but especially at night or when I need to relax. If tea isn’t your drink, find what is and sit back and relax. (maybe even after a bubble bath!)

The one “don’t” I have for you…DONT stress eat! Sweets are great, but don’t make them your go to. This is a bad habit to acquire and can be really difficult to kick. Remember stress is TEMPORARY!

x0x Kenna ❤


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