Some Days Are Harder Than Others…
174dc965e96ec252a4396d200dea4b3cSo, yesterday 3 of my 5 classes got cancelled for today because my professor is sick. I was super excited cause that meant I would have extra time to sleep, do homework and go to the gym! …I woke up this morning and my body was not feeling it.

I had full intentions of going the gym..I even put on my gym clothes, but stepping outside into the rain and cold I quickly decided today was not the day. I’m slightly disappointed in myself because I generally LOVE going to the gym and look forward to  it every morning, but today I just couldn’t get myself there. As much as I wanted to force myself to go, I knew that if I did I wouldnt have as good of a workout as I wanted, because honestly my motivation to workout is gone this morning.

Instead, here I sit, writing to you and doing homework, which is good…but still frustrating. I’m halfway through Week 9 of BBG, which means I’m so close, but so far. I don’t want to waste the workouts on days like today. They don’t happen often, but they do happen. I guess the best thing to do is plan for more motivation tomorrow, and hopefully more motivational weather!

Everyone has their off days, so this is something to remember. No one is perfect and balance is good

xox Kenna ❤


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