Live a little

These are the nights I love. These are the kinds of nights that make the headaches and the the stress of college worth it. These are the times that we will remember of our time in college; the nights we spend with our friends, bonding and acting like anything but adults..

It’s often that Marley and I are dancing around and acting like we’re five, all the while taking snapchat videos and embarrassing the hell out of each other, and last night was no different. These are my favorite nights, the ones when homework can be put aside for a few minutes and we can just be silly together.

Tonight is spring ball, so last night was filled with all things girly preparation; doing our nails, prepping our hair, and trying out makeup combinations. I’m super excited for the boys to meet and for the four of us to have a great night. Lots of pictures will be taken, so be prepared 🙂

xox Kenna ❤



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