BBG Round 2; Week 1, Day 1

Today I was up at 5am to go the the gym early before work. I’ll admit, it was a little tough after sleeping in for the past two days in a row, but somehow I got theimagere. (even made some coffee for later when I crashed) haha

Anyways round 2, here I come! The Bikini Body Guide is one of the most productive workout programs I have ever done, and that’s coming from someone who has tried quite a few. I love Beach Body, and Tone It Up, especially, but BBG tops those, especially if you’re looking to build strength and endurance.

Week 1 (for me) Entails:
*Monday -legs & cardio
*Tuesday -30 minute run + stretching
*Wednesday -arms & abs
*Thursday -45 minute walk
*Friday -full body workout
*Saturday -15 minute run + any low impact workout on areas that need attention
*Sunday -Rest day + (meal prep -I won’t start this until I’m out of school)

These workouts can be extremely difficult, especially if your body isn’t used to being pushed, so it’s important to know your limits. You want to push yourself, but in a safe way. If you can only complete one round of circuits, then make them count! Everything comes with time! Don’t give up!

*I used the elliptical for 15 minutes before completing this workout, to get warmed up & I highly recommend just walking as a warm-up. This set is very draining and you do not want to lose energy before you start.

*Don’t forget to drink A LOT of water, your body will thank you later

*Protein is a must after exhausting these muscles (I love having a protein bar for breakfast after my workouts)

*Most importantly HAVE FUN!😘

Xox Kenna ❤


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