Tbt to Aruba; My experiences over Spring Break, & tips for vacationing!

One Happy island

It’s everyone’s goal in college to have a crazy spring break adventure at least once in their four years, and although mine was not crazy this year, it was definitely the trip of a life time. I was looking around at a few different destinations for spring break this year, but I couldn’t really nail one down. I had always wanted to travel to Aruba, but Chris and I had both agreed that this would be a trip we would take in a few years, when we had saved up and were ready to take a long vacation together.

One night while I was asleep & Chris was at work (he works third shift), he texted me and said “How about Aruba?” img_20160315_170920967.jpgReading this in the morning I was surprised and definitely a little skeptical, because we had talked about it being a more expensive trip. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is a miracle worker, and not long after we booked a 4 day trip to paradise.

This was our first vacation together and I was not sure what to expect. It ended up being one of the best trips of my life. We arrived on a Sunday and in Aruba, all the shops are closed and restaurants close early, so we grabbed a quick-lunch and after throwing our luggage in the room, headed for the beach!

There were lizards EVERYWHERE! At first they scared me, but eventually you get used to them
Chris building his famous sand creatures

As soon as I stepped foot on the gorgeous sand I knew I was in heaven. Anyone who knows me, knows that’s all I’ve ever wanted to see…crystal clear blue water, and although the water in Costa Rica came close, there was nothing quite like this.


For the next few days, Chris and I packed everything possible into each day, making the most of every minute we had

We got to watch the sunset during out jeep excursion

there. We took an off-road jeep excursion, visited Palm Island, went snorkeling, zip-lining, relaxed and sipped drinks on the beach. We visited the shops downtown, went grocery shopping at the local market, and got to see all the beauties the 21 mile island had to offer.

Aruba is absolutely beautiful and the people are so kind and welcoming. While I knew we were in paradise, I also felt like we were home. This is a place that everyone can enjoy. While the island itself, and everything we did was amazing, it was really Chris who made it a vacation to remember. My favorite moment was a small one; late one night when we were laying in bed, he reached over, looked at me in the dark and told me that I was his everything. In that moment, I felt like nothing could tear me down. I realized that he and I have something special that no one can ever break<3

As with any vacation, you learn many things, and often think back about the would haves. I have compiled a list of tips for traveling to Aruba or islands like it (:

  1. Plan ahead!  -Because we kind of threw this vacation together we didn’t really plan any activities in advanced, and we got extremely lucky. Most of the excursions that the hotel can set up for you need to be setup at least 24 hours in advanced to be prepared, it would have definitely been effective to plan your days out before arriving
  2. 39025.jpegAvoid Sundays! this is an issue that we ran into, and maybe should have planned for ahead of time, but Sundays are a no -go for Aruba. You do not want to land on a Sunday because all the stores and a lot of the restaurants are either closed, or close extremely early, and this can lead to a wasted first day. This leads to my next point…
  3. Plan around food! -I don’t know about you, but if there’s anything I love its food. Since restaurants close pretty early, it can be difficult to 38998.jpegfind something to eat if you’re hungry and nothing is open. My advice is plan your day around when you will eat. That way you will be able to do all the fun things you want, and make sure your tummy is full!
  4. When in doubt, BRING SNACKS! -I snack periodically throughout the day, so Chris and I went to the local market to pick up a few for our excursion days when we couldn’t always eat right away.
  5. Make sure to bring sweats! -Even though Aruba is extremely warm, it is VERY windy. I personally get cold easily…and may have even been caught wearing a sweatshirt on the beach🙈
  6. Pay for everything separately! -Some people think that all-inclusive is the way to go, but it has
    The beer of Aruba

    been proven that this is not the case! Paying as you go gets you more for your buck!

  7. Try something NEW! -Trying new things can be scary, but this is vacation! Make the most of every minute! You never know if you’ll have the same opportunity twice
  8. Always carry hand sanitizer! -I am a HUGE germaphobe, so I always have my pocketpacs on me. Chris made fun of me, but I think he ended up using it more than I did.
  9. Find a happy medium! -Most people go on vacation and eat in ways they normally wouldn’t, others exercise their week away because it’s their routine and they feel like they have too. Find a happy medium. Cheat and splurge on meals only a few times, and eat healthy the rest. Find activities that require exercise instead of being lazy. There are certainly ways to get through a vacation that won’t leave you hating yourself when you get home.
  10. Take pictures & enjoy your paradise! -It only lasts a short time, so enjoy EVERY second! ❤


38953.jpeg        38971.jpeg


xox Kenna<3



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