20 Facts about me :)

1. I am 20
2. I’m from massachusetts
3. I’m going to school for criminal justice and forensics with hopes of becoming a detective or special agent
4. I have 2 younger siblings, my brother, Jeremie is 17 and my sister, Katrina is about to turn 7
5. I love to dance and until last year I was on my schools dance team
6. I am a full time saleslead at Pier 1 Imports and have been there a little over a year and a half
7. I love to read, and summer seems to be the best time for it in my schedule, so I’m pretty excited
8. I love to shop
9. I have an addiction to nail polish and have an obscene amount of different ones (might be an interesting post to show my collection)
10. My birthday is December 18th
11. Fall is my favorite time of year
12. I want to move down south when I graduate college
13. My mom is my best friend
14. I loveeeee to workout and go to the gym
15. I’m on round 2 of bbg
16. I absolutely love food
17. Currently my favorite tv show is Quantico
18. My favorite movie is the notebook
19. Favorite book series is Harry Potter, with The Hunger Games and Divergent as close 2nd and 3rd
20. I love to travel

Any questions? Ask awaaaaay

Xox Kenna


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