Welcome to Beauty Bows & Camo <3

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update! As you may have noticed I’ve changed my account from Simply Sassy Sophomore to Beauty Bows & Camo. I just thought it was more fitting for the journeys that lay ahead for me; not to mention I am clearly not a sophomore anymore….apparently the word choice was a pretty poor one last year! oops.

Anyways, here’s to new beginnings because there’s definitely going to be a lot of them this year!!! To anyone who doesn’t know, I recently joined the US Army & I’m superrrrr excited to start this journey in a few weeks! I actually just got back from my base a little while ago so they could get all my paperwork ready for me to start drilling next month.

This is definitely new for me, as well as for my family & I want to get better about sharing my experiences on here! Hopefully I can help anyone who may be interested in the military in the future or for those who are starting this journey alongside me.

There have been a few other BIG changes in my life recently, but that’s for another day! I hope this post finds everyone well and I look forward to catching you all up soon!!!

xox Kenna ❤


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