My Trip to the HAPPIEST PLACE on Earth 2.0

Take a look at my Disney trip from a couple weeks ago…Ft. my little sis 🙂



Can I just say….Thank god tomorrow is Friday?! Although I work retail, so what’s a weekend?

Anyhow, I’ve been back from Florida for almost 2 weeks & I’m ready to go back! It definitely sucked coming from 86 degree weather to landing in a freezing rain storm!….Why does anyone live in New England anyways?! I cannot WAIT to get out…Hopefully the army is good to me!

So as promised, here’s post #2 with more pictures from my week away 🙂

Ps. I may have decided I love photographing fish…Marley, go ahead make your jokes but they’re adorable….and photogenic ;P

The star of the show 🙂





















xox Kenna ❤




Sometimes dreams do come true :)

Name one thing I’m obsessed with…HARRY POTTER!! You can bet I jumped at the chance to take a week off of school and go with my mom and sister to Florida for Katrina’s competition…

While we were there I got to go to the one place I’ve been dying to go to for as long as I can remember….The Wizarding World of Harry Potter *insert heart eyes emoji*

It’s crazy to think they created this entire little world out of the movies that I have grown up watching. It’s definitely worth the trip if you ever get the chance to go to Universal! Here are just a few of my favorites, followed by another post of the rest of the week 🙂


xox Kenna<3

~Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light~ (Albus Dumbledore)







Welcome to Beauty Bows & Camo <3

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update! As you may have noticed I’ve changed my account from Simply Sassy Sophomore to Beauty Bows & Camo. I just thought it was more fitting for the journeys that lay ahead for me; not to mention I am clearly not a sophomore anymore….apparently the word choice was a pretty poor one last year! oops.

Anyways, here’s to new beginnings because there’s definitely going to be a lot of them this year!!! To anyone who doesn’t know, I recently joined the US Army & I’m superrrrr excited to start this journey in a few weeks! I actually just got back from my base a little while ago so they could get all my paperwork ready for me to start drilling next month.

This is definitely new for me, as well as for my family & I want to get better about sharing my experiences on here! Hopefully I can help anyone who may be interested in the military in the future or for those who are starting this journey alongside me.

There have been a few other BIG changes in my life recently, but that’s for another day! I hope this post finds everyone well and I look forward to catching you all up soon!!!

xox Kenna ❤


I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. I believe that everything you do, every choice you make in life will lead you to where you’re suppose to be…but how do we make these life decisions that will have such a huge impact on where we end up?

How do we meet someone and know whether or not they are supposed to have a place in our lives, and if they are how do we know what that place is? How do we know the right and wrong people to have in our lives?

Lately I’ve struggled with all of these questions…Sometimes you meet people and they turn your entire world upside down, leaving you with know idea how to make it right again…no idea if you want to make it right again.

Is it possible to change so much in a year that you don’t want the same things always had? Is is strange to want adventure, to go out and do things, want to make a difference? Can certain people hold us back from these changes, and others help us move forward? and if so, how do we make these difficult decisions?


FabFitFun Summer Box Reveal

YAY!!!! My FabFitFun Box came in today!!!! This is my second box of year, and I am AGAIN super excited for all the awesome that it holds!!!!

I joined fabfitfun a few months ago when I was looking for new subscriptions to try. I am currently subscribed to Julep, Ipsy, Harry’s (first for chris, and now I love their razors too!) and now fabfitfun. This was a box that I had been going back and fourth with for a really long time. I have seen SO many people with the subscriptions, from friends to celebrities, you name them, their subscribed. My turn off, was that I thought the box was a little on the steep side, $50 and all. But recently I realized, I had it all wrong. While the box is $50, its only $50 4 times a year…Thats $200 FAR less than I pay for my Julep boxes! That was my first “ah-ha” moment, the second was when I investigated previous boxes. For spring, we got 2 gift cards worth $55! Did I mention the boxes are less than that?! The retail value is so much higher than what we pay, it’s amazinggggg!

I’m super excited to try all my new products for summer! Here’s a quick look at the summer box, and a link to get 20% off your first box! Enjoy 😀 ❤



Summer & Rose Yoga Towel~ This is a great sized towel for both yoga and the beach! There are 3 different ones, each with their own unique mantra at the bottom! Retailing at $36


Trina Trunk Canvas Toes~ Again 3 different unique styles! This will make a perfect beach bag this summer! I love the quote and I’m SO excited to hit the beach! Retailing at $55


OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream~ This moizturizer is lightweight and perfect for summer! It protects against dehydration and damage of the skin, while creating a perfect base for makeup application! Retailing at $48

Passport to Beauty Gypset Luminous Lips~ Vitamin E enriched lip gloss that comes in 3 different colors! Helps to restore moisture to those dry lips! Mine is in the color of Free Spirit. Retailing at $18

Stimulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub~ This scrub is PERFECT for your face and body this summer! With the ability to exfoliate and renew your skin, your skin will be looking like new in no time! Retailing at $34

Fabfitfun Everyday Beach Waves Spray~ This is the product I am most excited to try! I love when my hair is wavy and this is the perfect way to get those beachy waves for summer! It smells SO yummy and conditions your hair! Retailing at $18


Betchsicles~ Ready to make popsicles this summer? I am! Retailing at $19


Hello Fresh Coupon~ So obviously I’m a little obsessed with monthly boxes….who woulda thought? Just looked up this website and found that it is a WEEKLY, box of fresh produce with 3-5 recipes inside. Kinda of excited about this because I LOVE COOKING, but don’t always have the time to shop and look for new recipes. With hello fresh it all gets delivered to you, as often as you like. Definitely going to talk to Chris and see what he thinks about this idea!


SAMPLESSSS~ Who doesn’t love free samples, am I right? I received 2 BB creme samples and a blister cushion sample in my box this month

So, as a whole, the summer fabfitfun box was pretty sweet! I’m excited to try out all the new products I received!!! Definitely a fun box to try if your a subscription lover too! click my link above to get 20% OFF YOUR FIRST BOX!!!!!

xox Kenna ❤


Tired of nails that chip and take forever to dry? Ready to stop paying ridiculous salon prices every month? Then Jamberry is right for you! Try Jams out today!


So I’ve been gone a while, so sorry for the lack of postings. Butttttt, I have exciting news! I have become an Independent Jamberry Consultant! Have you heard of Jamberry? No? Great then let me be the first to introduce you to the nail wraps that are taking the world by storm!!!

Jamberry is a nail company created by 3 sisters who were tired of spending hundreds of dollars every month at the nail salon. Can anyone else relate to this? I know I can. Anyways, the sisters began creating a product that would solve this problem. They’re end product is what we know today as Jamberry Nail Wraps! These are vinyl wraps that are both heat and pressure activated that can be applied easily and quickly right from home! The best part about jams? They require no dry time and DON’T CHIP! Can you imagine????

The sisters have created over 300 unique designs that have been created to compliment each other, so pairing and creating a signature style is super easy! Jams are non toxic, and 5 free! So they don’t share the 5 common chemicals that most polishes do! They also have never been tested on animals!

Jamberry wraps come in a sheet containing 2 manis, 2 pedis and 2 accent nails for only $15!  They always offer a buy 3 get 1 deal, so you can get 8 manis, pedis, and accent nails for just $45 +tax & shipping! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I spend more than this to get a mani/pedi at the salon ONCE! BUT, for the same price you’ll be getting 8 mani/ pedis! (nails will last up to 2 weeks and toes will last up to 6!!!!!!)

Still not sold? We have nail lacquers and gel polishes as well!!! There’s something for everyone! Check out all our products, here on my site!

Contact me if you would like more information on hosting a party, joining my team and becoming a consultant,  or to get a sample!!!

xox Kenna ❤

20 Facts about me :)

1. I am 20
2. I’m from massachusetts
3. I’m going to school for criminal justice and forensics with hopes of becoming a detective or special agent
4. I have 2 younger siblings, my brother, Jeremie is 17 and my sister, Katrina is about to turn 7
5. I love to dance and until last year I was on my schools dance team
6. I am a full time saleslead at Pier 1 Imports and have been there a little over a year and a half
7. I love to read, and summer seems to be the best time for it in my schedule, so I’m pretty excited
8. I love to shop
9. I have an addiction to nail polish and have an obscene amount of different ones (might be an interesting post to show my collection)
10. My birthday is December 18th
11. Fall is my favorite time of year
12. I want to move down south when I graduate college
13. My mom is my best friend
14. I loveeeee to workout and go to the gym
15. I’m on round 2 of bbg
16. I absolutely love food
17. Currently my favorite tv show is Quantico
18. My favorite movie is the notebook
19. Favorite book series is Harry Potter, with The Hunger Games and Divergent as close 2nd and 3rd
20. I love to travel

Any questions? Ask awaaaaay

Xox Kenna