Ready for a Getaway

Take a trip with me!


Hey lovliessss,

So SUPER quick!!! I know I haven’t posted much lately, although I have been working on a few posts (trying to work out the kinks), but everything here has been super crazy!!!! I feel like I’ve been stuck in the middle of never ending work, school and future soldier trainings. Howeverrrrr, despite the amount of homework I have to get done this weekend I’m hoping that I’ll be able to relax soon!

Now that I leave tomorrow, I will finally tell you where I’m off to…You ready?!





So super duper crazy, not going to lie. But I have a friend at Fort Wainwright and I thought it would be fun to take a trip before the semester gets TOO crazy, also I’m in need of a break from everything here!

You all know I hate the cold, so this is a strange destination for me… but I LOVE traveling & honestly, how many people get to say that they’ve gone to Alaska?! THIS GIRL soon enough! It’s also perfect timing because I’m taking a digital imaging class and will have lots of pictures to share!

It’s definitely been a bit of a struggle trying to figure out what to pack for clothes considering that the temperature is often in the negatives…so we’ll see how I’ve done. I also have no idea what I would have done without Marley because she literally repacked my bags multiple times for me to make sure that everything fit into my carry ons (I hate checking bags).

So definitely a short trip with A LOT of flight time, but I really think it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime. I am going to try to keep this up to date over the weekend, but in case that doesn’t happen I will be taking LOTS of pictures as well as using snapchat and twitter. So FOLLOW and join me on this adventure! (heyitskennax3)

Can’t wait to share my experiences, have a great rest of your night and talk to you soon!

xox Kenna ❤

Live a little

These are the nights I love. These are the kinds of nights that make the headaches and the the stress of college worth it. These are the times that we will remember of our time in college; the nights we spend with our friends, bonding and acting like anything but adults..

It’s often that Marley and I are dancing around and acting like we’re five, all the while taking snapchat videos and embarrassing the hell out of each other, and last night was no different. These are my favorite nights, the ones when homework can be put aside for a few minutes and we can just be silly together.

Tonight is spring ball, so last night was filled with all things girly preparation; doing our nails, prepping our hair, and trying out makeup combinations. I’m super excited for the boys to meet and for the four of us to have a great night. Lots of pictures will be taken, so be prepared 🙂

xox Kenna ❤